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Gifts for Boston Terrier Lovers, Magnet “Queen of Boston”


These magnets make lovely gifts for Boston Terrier lovers. They’re adorable novelty magnets, and perfect as inexpensive, funny Boston Terrier gifts.

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Great Boston Terrier gift items

These magnets are absolutely perfect for the sophisticated Boston Terrier lover.

Our little Boston terrier wears her red wig proudly, just like the queen she is emulating. The magnet is a great little Boston Terrier gift item to give to folks who love the breed. It’ll fit just right in a Christmas stocking.

The magnets are 3×4 inches, and made from premium glossy paper and 30 mil magnet backing… that’s a nice strong magnet. They’re each in their own cute packaging, perfect for gifting. I send them via USPS (no tracking) right away… almost always withing 24 hours. I make each of the magnets by hand. What a great deal it is; a hand made item, sent with free shipping in the USA, for well under $10! 

Elizabeth I was the queen of England from 1558 until her death in 1603. She was daughter to Ann Boleyn and Henry VIII. When Henry grew tired of Ann, she was executed and her marriage to Henry was annulled. That made Elizabeth “illegitimate”.  Even so, she rose to the throne.

In later years, she became rather famous for being a virgin, and sort of cult formed around her, which was celebrated in the writings and festivities of the time.

Elizabeth’s red hair was not fashionable at the time, but she wore it so intentionally. She wore wigs most of the time, so it could have been any color, but she wanted it to be red. Henry’s hair was red, and she felt it gave her lineage legitimacy. So, bright red it was, and in time, red hair became fashionable because of her.

My Paw Models

Many of my paintings are commissioned portrait. I paint from photos that my clients send me. If I’m lucky, they’re able to get a really good photo of their pet’s face. If they do, I’m good to go! That’s because of the assistance I get from the animals living in my house. They have been recruited as paw models. So when a dog owner commissions me to paint from a portrait that shows hands (soon to be paws), no worries!  Bunsen Bean will do his darnedest to give me the additional reference material I need.


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