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Funny Corgi Gifts, Magnet “Dudley”


These refrigerator magnets are funny Corgi gifts for Corgi lovers. H’s a good dog, and he’ll sit and stay on whatever refrigerator you like!

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Gifts for Corgi lovers

Make your friends smile with these Corgi gift items

Let me say a little something about refrigerator magnets. They’re a better gift idea than you might be thinking. There’s always room on a refrigerator for a magnet! If you know someone who loves this dog breed, these magnets are great Corgi gift items. They’re well made (I make each by hand myself). They’re sturdy. The image is detailed. And the subject is sophisticated but it’s also hilarious… so if you’re seeking funny Corgi gifts, search no more. You’ll love the packaging, too.

It was this self portrait of Jacques-Louis David that inspired my painting of Dudley. David was a respected artist of his time, accomplishing most of his works in the late 1700s and early 1800s. He was French, and the politics of the time played a large part in his career. He painted several iconic images of Napoleon Bonapart, including an epic depicting his coronation. Surely Jacques would be quite surprised to find that a likeness of his portrait has become gifts for Corgi lovers.

corgi lovers gifts

Perhaps you’re the type that enjoys an eclectic mix of magnets on your refrigerator. If you’re looking for a different kind of idea, think about creating an art gallery on your refrigerator. There are over 100 magnets to choose from, and all of the dressed, posed, and framed animals would be happy to sit and stay nicely arranged on your fridge!

Here at Old World Pet Portrait’s workshop, it’s always a little like Santa’s workshop. There are portraits to paint, magnets to make, and orders to package. Thank goodness I have the help of Bunsen Bean. He is particularly good at assisting with the packaging.


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