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French Bulldog Fridge Magnets “King Ruffy”


These cute French Bulldog fridge magnets are the perfect French Bulldog owner gifts. What Frenchie lover wouldn’t love having Ruffy guarding their kitchen!

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French Bulldog Fridge Magnets. Perhaps he is, your Frenchie's ancestor, oui?

These magnets make great French Bulldog novelty gifts

Are you a French Bulldog lover? They’re so dang cute! They look extra ridiculous in clothes in my opinion. So French Bulldog fridge magnets are sure to be a mood lifter in the kitchen. If you’re looking for French Bulldog owner gifts for FB lovers in your life, this is a fun idea as a French Bulldog ornament for their refrigerator.

The composition didn’t start out asĀ  French Bulldog novelty gifts, no sir. In the 15oos, this portrait was painted of Henry VIII. It’s the most iconic portrait of him. It has been attributed to Hans Holbein, (though that hasn’t been 100% validated). Henry holds gloves. But in our French Bulldog fridge magnets, he’s appropriately holding a bone.

You can learn more about this portrait of Henry here, in this art history conversation. It’s interesting to hear others’ observations about works of art; there’s always something new to learn!

Not so easy to visit museums these days, is it. Why not create your own fridge gallery, with exhibits curated to a T, just for you? My historically dressed animals bring to mind the great masters; Anthony van Dyck, John Singer Sargent, Johannes Vermeer.

You’ll see remnants of famous historic figures, too, such as George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Marie Antoinette. All of my critter magnets were created to generate delight. They are trained to sit and stay on your refrigerator. They’ll do a great job of guarding over the goings-on of the household.

You can see here how we take great care in packaging magnets so they arrive safe and sound. My assistant, Bunsen Bean gets in the holiday spirit all year round, just like Santa’s little elf. He makes sure each envelope is well sealed.


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