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Dachshund Magnet “Margaret” after Anne of Cleves


This dachshund fridge magnet was inspired by the Anne of Cleves portrait commissioned by Henry VIII. It was like a 14th century dating profile.

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Just a sweet little dachshund fridge magnet to brighten your day

I like to think Anne of Cleves would have approved

anne of cleves portrait

Henry VIII entertained the idea that it might be a good idea to marry Anne because he needed to politically buddy up to her brother. This Anne of Cleves portrait was commissioned by Henry VIII before he met her. He was impressed by the painting and chose her as his wife. He wasn’t impressed with her looks in person. By the time he had met her, it was too late; their first time together was at their wedding. After the wedding night, Henry told Cromwell “I liked her before not well, but now I like her much worse.” In just six months, Henry declared the marriage unconsummated and had it annulled. 

Anne received a generous settlement, and was thereafter known as the “King’s Beloved Sister”. (And see, this is the kind of thing you can orchestrate when you have absolute power). You might feel sorry for Anne of Cleves at this point, but in fact, she faired far better than his other wives. She also survived longer than the others, and outlived Henry himself.  And there you have it; the origin story of this Dachshund fridge magnet. Why is a Dachshund sitting in for Anne as the subject? Because it’s a beautiful portrait, but who wants Anne of Cleves on their refrigerator?

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