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Cocker Spaniel Gifts, Magnet “Daisy”


If you’re looking for Cocker Spaniel gifts, Daisy would like to offer her services. She’s a sure winner among Cocker Spaniel gift ideas.

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Looking for Cocker Spaniel gift ideas?

These Cocker Spaniel gifts are absolutely perfect for the sophisticated Spaniel lover.

These Cocker Spaniel gifts are for people who have gotten lost in the big brown eyes of a Cocker Spaniel. Daisy’s person happened upon me and ended up commissioning a portrait of his family’s two dogs; Daisy and Teddy.

spaniel stuff

For a theme, we chose Early American. The lovely Miss Daisy is dressed up in her finest outfits to pose in front of a curtained window. The scene behind is surely where she romps, plays, rolls around, and other Cocker Spaniel thing to do. Her honey color and golden locks are captivating. Now, Daisy’s image sports a fridge magnet. They make great Cocker Spaniel gifts for owners.

Picture an elegant and elaborate, yet ridiculously amusing gallery on your refrigerator. That’s my Old World Pet Portrait magnet collection!! There are over 100 different portrait magnets to choose from. So much fun. Think of the smiles that will come from your loved ones finding a bunch in their Christmas stocking.

Among my magnets, you’ll find famous historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette, and General George Washington. And you’ll see new versions of famous works of art like Mona Lisa, and Girl With a Pearl Earring. It’s all in good fun. Whether you like the historical aspect or the humor, it’s a fun hobby to collect these works or art, and curate exhibits on your refrigerator.

This is my trusted companion and helper Bunsen Bean. He is always ready to seal magnet orders for me.


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