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Black Pug Gifts, Magnet “Prince Buster”


Get the most popular black pug gifts here! You’ll find a nice collection of fun pug novelty items, including black pug stuff for lovers of the breed.

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These are the most fun black pug gifts to give!!

Pug novelty items that'll make you smile

If you’re a Pug lover like me, you probably treat your Pug like a king or queen. That’s why it’s not a far stretch to dress one up in royal attire, and introduce him to the world as noble Pug merch. Black pug gifts aren’t as easy to find, so Buster is happy to oblige.

pugs in art

Here’s Buster himself. It was the perfect pose for an Old World Pet Portrait. He looks so earnest…. kind of like a benevolent ruler who is generous with his subjects. He can’t help it if the flash made his eyes look spooky.

A Pug story of my own...

No Pug lover would miss the opportunity to share Pug family photos of their own Puggies with a captive audience. So here are some photos of Louise, a dear Pug who was part of our family. We adopted her from a shelter where I volunteered. She had lived most of her life in a crate in a trailer, as a breeding dog. Her person loved her, though, and allowed her to sleep with her at night. Then, her person died, and a kind neighbor took it upon himself to help the dogs that were left behind. At the time Louise was 13, and her three middle-age Pug daughters were in the trailer, too. Most of the time, they all lived in the same crate. They all needed some vet care, but the shelter took care of that.


I fell in love with Mama Louise; my favorite of the four Pugs from the trailer. She never was house trained, but she was perfectly content to wear diapers. She adored the other Pug in our family; Walter. She lived to age 17. She was such a dear. We will love her always.

It’s only fitting that Bogus Bunsen Bean, makes an appearance on this page, too. He is the envelope licker, here at Old World Pet Portraits headquarters. It’s like he was born for the job, being as his tongue doesn’t fit in his mouth anyway.


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