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Bearded Dragon Gifts, Magnet “Le Petit Caporal”


Perfect bearded dragon gifts for people who enjoy unique accessories for their reptile’s den. Bearded dragon clothes never fit better than this!

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The height in bearded dragon merchandise

Bearded dragon clothes; do they make the dragon or does the dragon make them?

I will admit that a bearded dragon has never been a member of our household. But I have enjoyed their charms by way of pictures sent to me by die-hard bearded dragon fans. The reptile pets’ dens are just amazing. Who knew there are so many bearded dragon accessories to be had? I love nothing more than seeing my magnets as featured bearded dragon d├ęcor. So many of my customers purchase them as gifts, too. Napoleon is new to the collection. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos my customers send me!

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They’re cute little refrigerator magnets, yes. But they’re also the perfect size (3″ x 4″) to decorate your bearded dragon’s den. Each one is handmade by me starting with the portrait I painted and then reproduced… but I also construct each magnet. They’re magnets, so they won’t stick to the side of glass without a little help from you. Double-sided tape or glue dots will do the trick quite nicely. I send magnets out by way of USPS, and there’s no tracking, but they do arrive fast. You’ll love the packaging. What a perfect little item to give to the bearded dragon fan in your life! Smiles will be sure to follow.

adult female bearded dragon
Empress Josephine would love to come home with you and Le Caporal


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