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Adult Female Bearded Dragon Magnet “Josephine”


Your adult female bearded dragon will love this portrait in her den. Empress Josephine is wearing custom bearded dragon clothes fit for a queen.

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Probably the most sophisticated bearded dragon stuff you'll ever see

Or maybe just a fun magnet for your refrigerator

There’s a lot of bearded dragon merchandise out there, and that makes it all the more fun to make your beardie’s digs something really spectacular. Art on their walls? Why not! After all, they deserve a little culture, too. From what I can tell based on the photos my customers send, bearded dragons rather enjoy these little protratis. This makes a great gift for bearded dragon enthusiasts, whether they use it to decorate a beardie den or their own refrigerator.

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This would look equally adorable on your refrigerator or in your bearded dragons’ den. It’s a 3×4″ 30 mil magnet. I make each one, so it’s a hand made little thing! For well under $10! It’s packaged nicely, so great for gifting. I ship USPS with no tracking. I try to fulfill magnet orders the same day or the next day, so you’ll probably get your magnets in the wink of a bearded dragon’s beady little eye.

Le Petit Caporal would love to come home with you and Josephine


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