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Yorkie Art Print “Lad Mozart”


This Yorkie art is the kind of whimsical dog art you’ll want in your home. For dog lovers, there’s nothing like funny dog art to make a house feel like a home.

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Classically elegant Yorkshire Terrier art to enhance your décor

Ridiculous? Yes, but funny dog art is supposed to be

This is what Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would have looked like as a young boy…. if he was a Yorkshire Terrier. Such a handsome little whiskered and wigged fellow he is too; He stands so proud of his musical prodigy status in this portrait. He’s tucking his paw inside of his vest. For aristocrats, it was a fashion of the time. And this is Yorkie art at its finest!

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The real Mozart was four years old when he learned to flawlessly play several minuets at the clavier (keyboard of the time), and four or five years old when he created his first musical compositions. Such a musical savant! The Yorkie? I am sure he would be happy to tickle the ivories with his paws, but I’ll bet it wouldn’t sound like a sonata.

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I can’t help myself. Imagining Old World Pet Portraits in odd places makes me laugh. When I am watching a movie with a serious scene, I picture one of my portraits behind the intensely emotional characters. I see a picture of the President of the United States in the oval office, and, in my mind, I replace George Washington’s portrait with the Pitbull I painted in his likeness. It takes a wacky sense of humor to do this art, I guess. I like to think it helps me to not take life too seriously. Maybe my portraits will lighten your days, too.

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And speaking of whimsical dog art, Yorkie in a Blue Dress is a lovely companion for Lad Mozart. She looks great hanging next to him. Both in ornate frames befitting their status, of course.

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