• Original by Carol Lew. 11 x 14 inches. Copyright 2023. All rights reserved.
  • Original oil painting by Carol Lew. 16 x 20 inches.
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Royal Pug, Print “Pug Coronation”


A royal Pug on coronation day

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This kingly Pug art print will add a good dose of whimsy to your décor.

Life isn't worth living without a sense of humor. I'm sure your Pug would agree.

Pugs are pretty silly all on their own. But dress them up, and the look of them will brighten your day every time. “Pug “Coronation” captures the crowning of a Pug; his finest moment. Pug cherubs participate in the consecrated day. 

The thing to do is, gather your friends and family around…. perhaps a little wine would help…. and come up with a grand tale about your Pug’s royal ancestry, the royal bloodline, and what a glorious coronation it was.

Buying this as a gift for a Pug person? They would LOVE the addition of their Pug’s lineage story.

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20×24" Paper Print- $70.00, 11×14" Custom Painting- $480, 12×16" Custom Painting- $530, 16×20" Custom Painting- $585, 11×14" Custom Painting, 2 Figures- $580, 16×20" Custom Painting, 2 Figures- $630, 5×7" Paper Print- $9.95, 8×10" Paper Print- $15.95, 11×14" Paper Print- $35.00, 12×16" Paper Print $40.00, 16×20" Paper Print- $55.00, 18×24" Paper Print- $70.00, 24×36" Paper Print- $85.00, 8×10" Canvas Print-$40.00, 11×14" Canvas Print- $55.00, 12×16" Canvas Print- $65.00, 16×20" Canvas Print- $85.00, 20×24" Canvas Print- $115.00, 24×36" Canvas Print- $145.00


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