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Tabby Cat Art Print “King Alex”


You can choose cat canvas wall art, or paper prints. Whatever you select, this funny cat wall art is adorable decor for your home.

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Tabby cat art to enhance your décor

King Alex will reign over your home. Just like real cats do.

Here’s a regal tabby cat that looks right at home in his royal outfit. The idea for this tabby cat art was inspired by a portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte at his coronation. In this piece of “cats in art paintings” he is bedecked with red velvet, gold and fur, and holding his crown. Fanciful enough for Liberace? I think it would have been right up his cat alley.

tabby cat art

My artwork is a little bit like a Getty Museum Challenge. I find historical works of art that I admire, and then I recreate them. It’s fun seeing the creative ideas people come up with when they recreate a piece of art.

Applying our creativity around works of art is a great way to learn about that art. I  know a lot about the subjects and the also the artists. In my work, I am regularly challenged to paint like the masters. It may not be achievable, but it’s a worthy endeavor.

cat painting

Take our friend and the original subject of this painting, Napoleon. He was an interesting character, and he changed the course of history. I could say more, but this video tells his story in a really creative way in about three minutes. Check out the history lesson; so cute.

There’s an interesting thing about the Getty Challenge and also my artwork. Both bring classic, beautiful artwork into our time in a real way. People who take on the Getty Challenge deeply study the work of art they are depicting, and people like me love to follow social media to see what they come up with. So many people purchase my portraits and hang them in their homes. I wonder how many people are hanging portraits of Napoleon? All of this is an excellent way to enjoy art. I hope you think so too.

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5×7" Paper Print- $9.95, 8×10" Paper Print- $15.95, 11×14" Paper Print- $35.00, 12×16" Paper Print $40.00, 16×20" Paper Print- $55.00, 18×24" Paper Print- $70.00, 24×36" Paper Print- $85.00, 8×10" Canvas Print-$40.00, 11×14" Canvas Print- $55.00, 12×16" Canvas Print- $65.00, 16×20" Canvas Print- $85.00, 20×24" Canvas Print- $115.00, 24×36" Canvas Print- $145.00


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