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Maine Coon Art Print “Cat With a Pearl Earring”


This Maine Coon painting is available as prints. They make great Maine Coon cat lover gifts.

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Looking for cats in renaissance art?

This gal would like nothing more than to grace you with her presence.

I created this Maine Coon painting for my mother-in-law, Karen, whose cat’s name was Kapika. Karen loved classic portraiture. Now, Cat with a Pearl Earring is available as Maine Coon art for your wall or tabletop. The canvas or paper prints look lovely in ornate frames. The wider the better, in my opinion. The original “Pearl Girl” was adorned with a wide, ornate gold frame. That said, it’s possible to hang the canvas print with no frame at all; the background image wraps around the sides of the wooden stretchers.

Girl with a Pearl Earring was painted by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer in 1665. The original work is about 17″ x 15″. For a long time, the very dark background was thought to be intentional. As it turns out, Vermeer’s background was a deep green color. Over time, the pigments had changed the coloring to an almost black color. You can see more about what was discovered when this piece of renaissance art was restored.

Cat with a Pearl Earring is a lovely piece of art if you enjoy classic art and also adore animals. Consider it a piece of Maine Coon classic renaissance art. Canvas prints look very much like original paintings at a fraction of the cost. My middle sizes; 12×16″ or 11×14″ are close to the size of Girl With a Pearl Earring if you want your piece to be close to the original in size.

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5×7" Paper Print- $9.95, 8×10" Paper Print- $15.95, 11×14" Paper Print- $35.00, 12×16" Paper Print $40.00, 16×20" Paper Print- $55.00, 18×24" Paper Print- $70.00, 24×36" Paper Print- $85.00, 8×10" Canvas Print-$40.00, 11×14" Canvas Print- $55.00, 12×16" Canvas Print- $65.00, 16×20" Canvas Print- $85.00, 20×24" Canvas Print- $115.00, 24×36" Canvas Print- $145.00


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