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Maine Coon Cat Art Magnet “Cat With a Pearl Earring”


These cute fridge magnets are a fun bit of Maine Coon Cat art for your refrigerator.

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Such an adorable Maine Coon cat!

This, and other cat fridge magnets are perfect gifts for the crazy cat lady in your life. Or for you, if that's you.

These magnets are made with ultra premium glossy photo paper mounted on 30 mil magnets. That’s a magnet with a little extra strenght. They’re 3×4″, and they’re hand made by me…. each one of them. They’re packaged in small plastic bags that’re closed on top with a pretty label. I prepare them for shipping by mounting the packaged magnet on cardboard with glue dots. They’re shipped via USPS (without tracking) almost always within 24 hours. What a perfect little gift for yourself or someone else! It’s hand made, it’s super cute, it ships free (in the USA), it arrives quickly, and it’s well under $10.

Girl with a Pearl Earring is one of Vermeer’s most famous paintings. She hangs at the Hague, and thousands visit just to see her. But if you’re an avid cat lover, you’ll enjoy the kitty magnet more. Turn your refrigerator into a quirky museum gallery! There are over one hundred of my portraits available as magnets. Imagine the art refrigerator you could create!

maine coon renaissance art

This happened to me.....

Rather early on in my art career, I took my art to high end craft shows. My booth sported one wall filled with framed 5×7″ prints. It was pretty impressive to see so many well dressed, historical-looking animals gazing at you. One day, while at a show in Connecticut, a man stopped at my booth. It wasn’t long before it was clear that he was an art historian. He began talking in great detail about the portraits as if he was looking at the originals. He elaborated on the subjects of the portraits, the artists, the time period, and significance of the art at the time. Before long, a crowd of 40 or so people had gathered for this odd lesson in history. I think it might be so that the portraits were more memorable for having been learned-about in that way.

Bogus Bunsen Bean works hard on packaging magnet orders here at Old World Pet Portraits headquarters.


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