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Goat Magnet, Billy Goat “Sir William”


An under-$10 goat magnet is the perfect idea for goat novelty gifts. This one is dressed so elegantly… which makes them the ultimate goat gag gifts.

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Classically elegant goat magnet to brighten your day

The most fun goat themed presents you'll find

Does it seem like you’re always looking for a little gift for the people you care about? Sometimes I get into panic mode, when an occasion is just around the corner. My critter magnets solved the problem for me; almost all of the people I care about are animal lovers, so I know I’ve got something they’re going to love. And here’s why this goat magnet is just the perfect thing if you’re looking for goat novelty gifts, or goat themed presents.

decorative fridge

Who wore it better?

This fellow? Or Sir William. I say it’s a toss-up. Because oddly enough, goats look pretty dapper in clothes, as Sir William does on this goat magnet. The attire is what would have been worn several hundred years ago, but it’s pretty classic, don’t you think? If I saw someone wearing this, I’d be pretty impressed. Even more so if I saw a goat wearing it. No, really. I’m not kidding….. sorry.

I’ve got goat themed presents, but soooo many other animals. You can create a barnyard exhibit on your fridge. Or a cat gallery. My Guinea Pig collection is quite impressive. They’re all trained to sit and stay on the refrigerator, looking elegant and watching over the goings-on of the household.

Here at Old World Pet Portraits HQ, it always seems like the holiday season. Pug assistant, Bunsen Bean, is as enthusiastic as a elf in Santa’s workshop. His specialty is packaging. He wants every magnet to arrive safely to its destination.


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