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Decorative Fridge Magnet, Cavalier Spaniel “Olivia”


My decorative fridge magnets are the most fun Cavalier King Charles Spaniel merchandise you’ll come across; A Cavalier King Charles ornament for the fridge.

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A decorative fridge magnet; Perfect gift for the Cavalier person in your life

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel merchandise that'll make you smile

Wistful. Lovely. Elegant. This is a Cavalier King Charles ornament made for your refrigerator. It’s a decorative fridge magnet meant to express your love for the breed, and to add old world charm to your kitchen. Olivia will stand guard in your kitchen, as any dutiful canine family member would. But her real purpose is to brighten your day when you see her.

This portrait was painted by Elisabeth Louise Vigee Lebrun. She was an accomplished artist in France in the late 1700s and early 1800s. At the time, it was rare for women to be so successful at this profession (or any other). But she is known to have painted over six hundred portraits, and over two hundred landscapes, often commissioned pieces.

Vigee’s most famous portraiture was of Marie Antoinette; she created 30 paintings of the queen. This patronage raised her status for a time, but then came the French revolution. When the royal family was arrested in 1789, Vigee fled to Italy because she feared her safety. She kept painting, though, in Italy and other countries she traveled to before returning to France. You can see more of her work in this short video.

Your magnet packaging is well sealed by my staff


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