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Boston Terrier Magnet “Mona”


This Boston Terrier magnet is a cute way to display Boston Terrier art. If you’re a fan of the breed, add a little Boston Terrier décor to your home.

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Add Boston Terrier décor elements to your kitchen

Cute little Boston Terrier decorations for your refrigerator

If you love this breed, why not add a Boston Terrier magnet to your kitchen décor? Adding Boston Terrier decorations here and there around the house will make your home a reflection of you and the furry four-legged friends you love. Mona would happily sit and stay on a fridge, filing cabinet, or any other metal surface. My portraits are not your average Boston Terrier décor; they’re sophisticated, but at the same time over-the-top ridiculous. It’s all meant to bring on the smiles, and brighten days.

This is adorable little Mona in this Boston Terrier art piece. Her people commissioned me to paint her portrait and also a portrait of their other Boston Terrier, Mitzy. We put her in this big Elizabethan collar. She doesn’t look very happy in it, but she sure looks cute. I don’t imagine anyone actually loved wearing Elizabethan collars back in the day, but it was the style.

So many magnets to choose from! Over 100. You can curate your own quarantine fine art museum exhibit right in the comfort of your kitchen.

Gaze at the works of art while drinking your morning coffee. My Old World Pet Portrait critters are well trained to sit and stay on your refrigerator. They’re aim is to look lovely and to make you smile.

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