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16×20″ Hen Oil Painting, “Beekman Hen”, Unframed


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You can tell your dog this is his ancestor.

Some years ago, I visited Sharon Springs, the home of Beekman 1802 and “Beekman Boys” Josh Kilmer and Brent Ridge. It was before they won “The Amazing Race” and before their skin product company became a huge success. At the time, they were renting a small shop in town, working to create their brand.

I brought a painting of mine hoping to see one of them. Brent was there on the porch, and I introduced myself and my Old World Pet Portraits to him. He was enthusiastic, and we decided to create notecards and calendars. I created 12 farm animal portraits, and we had a fun collaboration over several years.

Beekman Hen was one of those images.

Captain Rooster is a great companion for Beekman Hen. If the painting has sold by the time you are pondering the purchase of this painting, he is also available as 16×20″ canvas prints in my shop.

This 16×20″ oil-on-canvas painting comes unframed, but a wide, ornate frame would be a great choice for it if you decide to frame it.

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