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6×8″ Original Oil Painting, “Old House Side Porch” Framed or Unframed


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Our Farmhouse

I created this plein air painting in 2018. Ours is a  classic New England farmhouse; the rustic sort. It’s been around since the early 1800s. It has a wraparound porch that was added in the early 1900s. The side porch is a lovely spot to sit in the summer. From there, one can look far into the distance. On bright days, you can see mountains far away. Closer up, there’s a big open field and a view of the vegetable garden.

For years, our neighbor’s horses grazed in the field, and in the evening, she would call the horses to return to their paddock, which was through the woods and next to the neighbor’s house. We would sit on the porch and watch the calling of the horses like a ritual. They didn’t go right away. When they did, they took their time. It was a peaceful scene we loved to watch.

It’s 6″ x 8″, painted with oils on masonite.

In 2018, I was inspired to take an intensive plein air workshop with Dan Graziano, a painter I admire. I packed up my art supplies into my 1966 Shasta camper and drove to Castine, Maine. It’s a beautiful little town. I camped at a state forest, but I didn’t spend much time there. I was intensively learning the art of plein air painting. There’s a concentration that comes from attempting to capture a moment in time. Too much fussing, and the lighting will have changed; The same subject is there, but the feeling can be completely different. So plein air is about capturing the essence and not getting caught up in detail.

After the workshop, I came back home and took several weeks to build on what I learned. This is one of a series of paintings I did of scenes around the Berkshires that caught my fancy at that time.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × .75 in

Framed, Unframed


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