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19×26″ Oil Painting, “Dog Family Portrait” flat canvas


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The family of dogs

 I painted this group portrait in response to a company’s request for artwork for a puzzle. I took photos along the way, from digital mockups to the finished work; you can see them in the gallery for this listing.

It was a very involved piece, what with all of the different figures to meld together. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I’m told the puzzle is selling very well at Home Goods, HomeSense, Winners, Marshalls in Canada. They say that Marshalls USA and TJ Maxx is picking it up for this year. 

But this is THE original artwork!

It is 19″ x 26″, but it is not stretched on wooden stretchers, which is to say that it is a flat piece of canvas cloth. It’s being stored rolled on a tube. So, there’ll be a little extra work to get it ready to hang on the wall. Nothing a framer can’t handle.

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