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8×10″ Westie Oil Painting, “Westie Gentleman”


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A Handsome West Highland Gentleman
decorative fridge

This is a sort of hybrid of a painting. It was an experiment to see if I could find a way to offer custom portraits at a reduced price. Here’s what I did. A while back, I had painted a yellow Lab in this very outfit. On the digital image of that painting, I erased the yellow Lab. Then I had a canvas print made of the headless fellow. I used that canvas print as the start to this Westie portrait. So, the Westie, (and some highlights in the outfit here and there) are painted in oil, and the background and the rest of the outfit is a reproduction. With several unifying coats of varnish, it just looks like an original painting.

This 8×10″portrait would look outstanding in a wide, ornate, gold or wooden frame. It has a lot of antique charm to it and you’ll love the multiple coats of glowing varnish. But if that doesn’t match your decor, the painting can be hung as is on the wall.


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Dimensions 10 × 8 × .75 in

Framed, Unframed


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