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Pug Novelty Gifts, Magnet “Guido”


You’ll love giving these Pug novelty gifts as Pug presents. Lovers of this breed will want Guido on their fridge; they make perfect gifts for Pug owners.

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Pug novelty gifts for Pug owners

Pug presents with a hefty dose of whimsy

You’ll love these Pug home accessories for adding class and smiles to your refrigerator. In this shop, you’ll find all you need to create a museum-like exhibit right in your kitchen. And if you’re looking for gifts for Pug owners, Guido and his other Pug friends are here for you. Rocco is an excellent companion for Guido, but he might enjoy a lady friend. Midge Marie or Fannie would be delighted to share their company with such a handsome renaissance fellow.

This cute renaissance Pug doesn’t mind the hat, the pose, or the clothes, but a bone was where he drew the line. Just kidding; no Pug actually sat for this portrait. It’s something I created using the inspiration of pet photos and historical portraits.

My Pug assistant, Bunsen Bean dutifully helps with the packaging of all of my magnets and small prints. But he’s especially happy to send off Puggie products; he knows he’d like the people they’re going to, and he’s happy to help me get our Puggies to those folks.


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