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  • Original oil painting by Carol Lew. 16 x 20 inches.
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Pug Art Print “Bunsen Bean”


This cute Pug art will enhance the Pug room décor of someone who’s a fan of this adorable, comical dog breed.

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Cute Pug art to delight fellow Pug lovers

Because if you love the breed, you pretty much have to have Pug room décor

For me, it’s a pure delight to create Pug art. They’re my favorite breed of dog, and I’ve had the good fortune to call a number of Pugs family. Since it’s my “thing” to paint companion animals, it’s no surprise that I wear the title “Pug Artist” proudly.

We adopted Bunsen from the Springfield Vermont Humane Society. He was surrendered by a family that had found him wandering. I took this picture soon after we adopted him. He was about 15 pounds overweight at the time.

fawn pug merchandise
Cute Pug van Dyck Inspiration

I love that photo of Bunsen, and this 17th century self portrait of Anthony van Dyck seemed a perfect composition for a cute Pug art portrait of my pup. Van Dyck looks rather dashing, and I think it’s adorable for Bunsen to attempt to look dashing too…”if only my tongue would fit in my mouth”.

You can see Bunsen behind the work in progress. Mabeline, our other Pug family member is there, too. Since the original portrait was an etching, I had to make color choices for my painting. I created several color sketches before deciding.

Now Bunsen Bean is not only a member of the family, but a helpful assistant. His often-exposed tongue makes him a perfect fit for the Old World Pet Portrait job of envelope sealer. He takes great pride in his work.

This seems the perfect place to give a shout out to a cause dear to my heart; Green Mountain Pug Rescue. Our Pug Mabeline came from them. The rescue is made up of a tirelessly dedicated group of volunteers who take in Pugs of all ages and health status. Their yearly Pug Social is an outrageously fun fundraising event. Here, Mabeline and I are in the owner/Pug costume contest.

We were depicting Bob Dylan’s song about a “brand new leopard skin pill box hat”.

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