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Mastiff Magnet, “Miss Sophie”


This Mastiff magnet is the perfect choice if you’re looking for under-10 Mastiff gifts. I ship directly, and you can add a gift note, too!

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Fridge decoration magnets are a great way to display a bit of Mastiff art

These are great Mastiff gifts for fans of the breed

My magnets are great, inexpensive gifts that animal-lovers will surely be delighted to receive. My Mastiff magnet is great for Mastiff lovers, but you’ll find oodles of dog breeds here. Not to mention lots of other animals, too. If you’ve got friends who have a soft spot for animals, you’ll probably find  fridge decoration magnets they’d like here. There are over 100 to choose from.

This painting was the inspiration for my Mastiff art piece. It’s a portrait painted by John Singleton Copley in 1784. The subject is Mrs. Daniel Denison Rogers. Copely was one of the leading portrait artists of the time. He was probably born in Boston, and in his earlier years, he painted portraits for wealthy families of New England.  In 1774, he moved to England and remained there until his death.

mastiff reference

Curate your own refrigerator! Maybe April is cat month. Pick a month for a Barnyard Royalty exhibit. Rodent fans can have their own month, with Guinea pigs, a mouse and a rat proudly posing.

Check out this creative home museum someone created for their Guinea Pigs. Here’s a Meowseum for… guess what animal. Express your artistic creativity!

Here at Old World Pet Portraits headquarters, it feels a little bit like Christmas all the time. Bunsen Bean likes to get into the holiday spirit while he helps assemble orders. His unique skill? Sealing envelopes. You might say his tongue was made for the job. Your Mastiff magnet package will be well sealed for the trip to you.


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