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Irish Setter Gifts, Magnet “Lord Setterland”


If you’re looking for Irish Setter gifts, you’ll love this magnet. Is there anything more regal than a red Setter? How appropriate he be dressed as a king.

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Lord Setterland rules in the land of Irish Setter merchandise

This is the perfect gift for someone with a red Irish Setter dog.

red irish setter

My Lord Setterland portrait didn’t start out as Irish Setter gifts. The origin of my artworkd can be traced back to this painting by Anthony Van Dyck. I loved the pose and the clothes, and decided that a red Setter was just right for it. Anthony Van Dyck was quite the master painter. Because of all that, he’s one of my favorite¬† painters when it comes to using historical reference to create my portraits. Once my painting is complete, I scan it and use it to make reproductions, including these magnets.


The original Lord Setterland painting was in a 2018 exhibit at the New Bedford Art Museum, in Massachusetts. The show featured animal art, and this painting, and a painting I created of Bunsen Bean (my Pug) was accepted. I love both of these paintings, but being biased by my Puggy, I thought he had a chance at winning “Best in Show”, an honor bestowed by visitors. That wasn’t meant to be, but Lord Setterland did win that honor! I think it’s a testament to how right is is for a red Irish Setter dog to be depicted as a royal.

Have you ever seen a more elegant grouping of animal portraits? You can create a museum exhibit right on your refrigerator!

Maybe you’d like to add a Chihuahua that looks an awful lot like Napoleon. Or a French Bulldog in the classic portrait style of the famous Marie Antoinette painting. All of my animal magnets are well trained to sit and stay on a refrigerator. Their purpose is to stand guard over your home, and make you smile.

Bunsen doesn’t have the elegance of a royal red Irish Setter dog, but he is earnest about his job; making sure my magnets are well sealed before they’re shipped. It’s always nice to have a helper when things get busy around here at Old World Pet Portraits headquarters.


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