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Goldendoodle Art Print “Lady Reagan”


Goldendoodle art is a great way to express Doodle enthusiasm in your home. Dog themed wall art offers a homey, happy place where pooches clearly rule.

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Goldendoodle décor. Express yourself.

Goldendoodle wall art is a fun way to bring your pets into the decorating scheme of your home

If you’re a fan of the breed, Goldendoodle wall art would make a lovely and fitting addition to the ambiance of your home.

This a great print to hang about your Doodle’s dog bed; Tell your friends that this is their royal ancestor. Find an out-of-the-way spot to hang it; watch the faces of new viewers to see their reaction! It’s a great piece to put front and center; over a mantle, or above a sofa. You can hang Reagan and Thatcher over the master bed. Old World Pet Portraits are both classic and ludicrous at the same time. They’re a category of their own in the dog themed wall art world.

The making of Lady Reagan...

This lovely lady is wearing her finest for this 17th century portrait. The Goldendoodle art print looks best in a wide, ornate frame. She looks quite as dainty and royal in this bit of Goldendoodle décor as the person in the original, historical portrait does.

goldendoodle wall art

Sir Thatcher is a companion of Lady Reagan in real life, and his Goldendoodle art print looks magnificent next to hers. With matching frames, their portraits make a great Goldendoodle décor statement.

A house really becomes a home when it’s a reflection of the people…. and pets who live in it.

To read up on how the prints are made shipped, head on over to the print category page; click here. If you’d like a little help learning how to go about hanging artwork, or which print type will work best for you, click here.

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