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French Bulldog Gifts for Owners, Magnet “Antoinette”


French Bulldog clothes never looked so elegant! This magnet makes a great French Bulldog gift for owners of the breed.

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Your French Bulldog owner friend is so going to want you to get this as a gift!
Marie Antoinette artwork has actually gained in popularity since her death centuries ago. If you love French Bulldogs too, it's a perfect find.

This French Bulldog 30 mil magnet is 3×4″ and nice and strong for holding things on the refrigerator. They’re great for gifting; nicely packaged. I send them out by way of USPS, no tracking, and they arrive quickly… I got all 5 stars for my magnets because of how lovely they are and how quickly they arrive! They’re hand made, too. Handmade for well under $10? What a deal!!

Who wore it better? Marie Antoinette? Or Frenchie?
french bulldog clothes

It’s true that Marie Antoinette artwork is famous, but so is my painting of Frenchie Antoinette.

Her lovely image graces a bottle of wine produced by Frenchie Winery, owned by a French Bulldog. Sara Medina wrote for Huffington “He may not be remembered as one of the greatest leaders of all time, but Frenchie will definitely go down in history as the world’s best four-legged winemaker.”

The Conciergerie in Paris included a print of her in a 2019 exhibit on the many representations of Marie Antoinette.

There, she hung in the magnificent building that was once part of the royal palace. The exhibit explored the fascination society still has for Marie Antoinette. On display; dresses she wore, Marie Antoinette artwork painted of her when she was alive. Also Marie Antoinette products, a Marie Antoinette Miss Piggy….and my depiction of Vigée Le Brun’s famous portrait “à la rose”.

You too, can exhibit this iconic piece of art right on the gallery of your refrigerator door.

napoleon artwork

The staff here at Old World Portraits Headquarters pride themselves at taking great care when packaging magnets


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