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Female Wheaten Terrier, Print “Queen Maddie”


This royal female Wheaten Terrier is a credit to the Wheaten dog breed. The prints make great Wheaten Terrier gifts for folks who are already ruled by one.

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This lovely female Wheaten Terrier is ready to enhance your décor

The Wheaten dog breed; a royal choice

The inspiration for my Wheaten Terrier breed painting is a portrait of Anne of Cleves painted by Hans Holbein at the request of Ann’s future husband, Henry VIII. There were no dating websites back then, and Henry wanted to see what Ann looked like before he married her… check out the “tinder story” here. The marriage didn’t work out, but Anne was fortunate to leave intact (head still attached to the rest of her). Other wives of his were not so lucky.

Having fun with art...

There’s something odd about my sense of humor, I think. I like whimsy when it’s completely visual. My art is that way. Our eyes are accustomed to people in portraits like this. If I paint an Old World Portrait just right, you don’t notice right away that the subject isn’t the person you expect to be there. Then a split second later, you do, and that’s the joke. 

It’s that same wacky sense of humor that has me picturing my portraits in places where we expect other portraits to be…. Maybe the queen is displaying a predecessor on her desk as she gives her customary Christmas address.

Or the Crawleys proudly display their fine art collection and royal ancestors at Downton Abbey.

Silly? Absolutely!! But what fun it is to tuck a portrait in an unsuspecting spot and surprise visitors. I hung an early American style portrait of a drooling English Bulldog by my husband’s office door. Then I followed him to see if he would notice. He was reading something until he got right about to the portrait. He looked up, jumped, and gave out a tiny shriek. I laugh every time I remember the moment. It’s my favorite Old World Portrait because of that, and it’s still hanging there. I like to think I’m a serious artist, in that I do my best to paint skillfully. But it’s the humor and joyfulness that makes my art special.

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5×7" Paper Print- $9.95, 8×10" Paper Print- $15.95, 11×14" Paper Print- $35.00, 12×16" Paper Print $40.00, 16×20" Paper Print- $55.00, 18×24" Paper Print- $70.00, 24×36" Paper Print- $85.00, 8×10" Canvas Print-$40.00, 11×14" Canvas Print- $55.00, 12×16" Canvas Print- $65.00, 16×20" Canvas Print- $85.00, 20×24" Canvas Print- $115.00, 24×36" Canvas Print- $145.00


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