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Doodle Tapestry Pillow Cover Fabric, 18″


This artist’s sample pillow cover fabric may very well be one of a kind. The intricate image is woven into the fabric, created in Belgium on a high tech loom.

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A piece of art for your couch

This pillow cover fabric is made from a nice, heavy material. The image is woven into the fabric, not stamped onto it. It is 18 inches square meant to be the front of a pillow. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, it’s easy to sew a back onto it, stuff it with a pillow form, and hand stitch the last seam. Presto, a gorgeous, unique, work of art for your living room!

The story behind this pillow

Several years ago, I entered into a licensing agreement with a company called GK Art. They’re in Belgium, and they specialize in tapestry pillows, and they sell them throughout Europe. The company was enthusiastic about my portraits, and I was impressed by the quality of their pillows and tapestries. They put their designers to work creating designs their fancy, high tech looks could produce. GK never did actually turn those designs into products for their market. But they sent me samples of their designs as was stipulated by our agreement.

Fast forward to now; I have a bunch of gorgeous pillow covers that I KNOW animal-lovers are going to want. This one is just the fabric, and doesn’t have a back. I only have one of each image. I’m certain that the ones I have are the only ones in the USA, and it’s possible that there are no others anywhere else, either.

I’ve listed them here at a ridiculously low price (for what they are) ’cause I’m letting my VIPs know about them first…. I love offering them great deals. But if they don’t snatch them up, they’re right here, available for any first taker.


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