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Dogs Playing Cards Art, Poker Dog Print


My poker dog print motto: If you’re gonna play the game boy, you gotta to learn to play it right.

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Dogs Playing Poker art is perfect for a game room or any room you want to express your whimsy.

Great gift for poker buddies. Or dog lovers

This poker dog print is my take on the famous Dogs Playing Cards art painted a century ago. Even now a century later, dogs at a poker table  bring to mind the painting series by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.

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I suppose that when your job involves anthropomorphizing pets it was only a matter of time before I would be commissioned to create a painting involving dogs playing poker. These particular six dogs already have individual portraits, and they’re hanging at Parker Beiling’s Veterinary Hospital. To be honest, I resisted this kitschy theme for a long time, But I’m having a blast doing this one. Parker took oodles of photos of her dogs so I had great reference material to help me create a tense moment in a late night poker tournament.

dogs poker
dogs playing cards
dogs poker art
poker dog print
Cricket the Winner
Grinch the Folder
Dummy the Cheater
Remmi the Drinker

About Coolidge's dog paintings

Almost everyone recognizes Dogs Playing Poker, by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge; the painting of seven dogs sitting around a table, smoking cigars, drinking, cheating. But in reality, he painted eighteen of them. The series was called Dogs Playing Poker, and the most familiar one, painted in 1894, was called A Friend In Need (which refers to the bulldog lending an Ace to the poker  buddy next to him). Critics never thought of Coolidge’s paintings to be real art, but people loved them, and still do. On April 1 2002, the director of the Chrysler Museum of Art in Virginia sent out a press release claiming he was trying to acquire the paintings for the museum. It was a joke, but the director admitted that he always liked them.

I think we like them because it lifts our spirits to look at them. I think that’s a legitimate reason for art to exist. I think that’s a reason my art is something that people want in their homes, too.

Think this is all just a fanciful idea? Nope. Dogs DO play poker. Check out this game.

poker dog print

The thing is, if you don’t have a sense of humor, you’re probably at the wrong website.

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