Dog Themed Tapestry Throw


This artist’s sample throw is a great decorative piece to snuggle with on the couch.

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A piece of art for your couch

This throw is made from a neutral, loose-weave fabric. The image is woven into the fabric, not stamped onto it. It is 52 x 54 inches. 

Note: There’s a small flaw in the fabric on one of the edges. You can see a close-up view of it in one of the photos.

The story behind this pillow

Almost 20 years ago, I entered into a licensing agreement with Art In Motion. I was just starting my art career, and they were wonderful to work with. Some of the first images I create for them were a series of American colonial dogs. They were made into prints, and other things, including these pillows. They were popular doggies, but they’re no longer being produced.

Fast forward to now; I came across these artist samples I stored a little while ago. What to do, what to do with them?

I’ve listed them here at a ridiculously low price (for what they are) ’cause I’m letting my VIPs know about them first…. I love offering them great deals. But if they don’t snatch them up, they’re right here, available for any first taker.


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