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16×20″ Dachshund Oil Painting, “Doxie Sisters”, Unframed


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A delightful original one-of-a-kind oil painting

I found a beautiful painting of two sisters in one portrait. They were tall and thin. Now, of course, when I see a painting I like, I think of what new subjects would fit just right in the composition. Dachshunds was the definitive answer for this one. Their long bodies fit right into this portrait. Admittedly, these doxies’ arms are longer than they would be in real life, but this, after all, is not meant to be completely realistic.

This is a 20×24″ painting, unframed. It would look stunning in a wide, ornate frame, but it is ready to hang as is, unframed. It’s an oil painting on stretched canvas. The painting has been varnished three times, giving it a lovely glow.

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Dimensions 24 × 20 × .75 in



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