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Cavalier King Charles Art Print “King Murphy”


There’s no more appropriate Cavalier King Charles art than this royal portrait. This cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel wears ermine robes and hold a crown.

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Classically elegant Cavalier King Charles Spaniel prints to enhance your décor

They're the perfect Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gift items

There could be no more appropriate historical portrait for Cavalier King Charles art than the Sun King. This is a portrait of Louis XV in his younger days. He lived a very ostentatious life at Versailles. He had a queen and also mistresses, all living at Versailles. You can see a very interesting tour of this enormous, over-the-top palace and the mistresses’ quarters here.

These Cavalier King Charles Spaniel prints? You can tell everyone that this pup is your dog’s royal ancestor. It’s fun to make up an elaborate history, almost as if you’re enacting an episode of Finding Your Roots. (I’m not embarrassed to say I did just that for my Pug, Bunsen Bean, and you can see it here).

cavalier king charles spaniel

 My portrait of Murphy is perfect for those who love the breed. It looks best in an ornate frame, in my opinion. A wide, detailed frame puts an exclamation point on the importance my portraits’ subjects portray in the painting. This type of portrait was almost always of royal or important people; they’re the only ones who could afford to commission portraits.

So, Old World Pet Portraits are really about elevating the importance and status of our animal friends. I don’t have any doubt that those who purchase my art feel that the animals in their lives are very important to them. That’s how I know that you are my people!

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