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Tan Cat Scarf- Just one left!!


High fashion for the Cat lover with a sense of humor

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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A Crazy Cat Lady must have accessory
Here at Old World Pet Portraits, Crazy Cat Lady is a highly honored status.

But this scarf is great for a normally-enthusiastic cat lover too. Discreetly displayed in each oval is a dressed up cat; There are eighteen different cat images in all, repeated throughout the scarf. The graphic oval design is a picture of class and elegance when you look at the scarf from a distance; you can decide whether to point out the kitty portraits inside or let the whimsical little felines be discovered by those admiring your charming outfit.

The generous size of the scarf makes it versatile; in addition to the oodles of ways it can be used as neck wear, it also makes a great shawl.

This is the perfect gift for the cat lover in your live. Even the most avid collector of all things Cat won’t have this; the portraits were painted by me, the scarf was designed by me, and this is the last tan one available!

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