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Black Lab wall Décor Print “Sir Sargent”


Of all John Singer Sargent male portraits, Carolus Duran’s is most famous. And now, this Labrador Retriever artwork brings the breed and classic portraiture together

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Classically elegant black Lab wall décor

Plus a playful not to John Singer Sargent works.

This dapper black lab is tongue-hanging happy to be posing for this portrait. The original John Singer Sargent male portrait that inspired this Labrador Retriever artwork was of Carolus Duran.  Duran was not quite so smiley in his portrait, but then again, he is not a Lab. John Singer Sargent was a master artist, and you can learn more about him here.

john singer sargent works

The original portraits painted by me were commissioned by someone who owned these two lovely black labs; Congo and Trouble. She knew just the historical male portrait she wanted as a model for Trouble’s; the Sargent portrait of Carolus Duran, which he painted in 1872. This original Sargent painting was on exhibit in a museum she had worked in, and my client had always admired and coveted it. The portrait she chose for Congo was one of the many beautiful female Sargent portraits; Lady Agnew of Lochnaw. This one was painted in 1892. Sargent was known for his stunning paintings of women, so there were many John Singer Sargent works to choose from. The two paintings created a lasting memory of these two beloved family dogs.

Though these are not your black labs these prints still offer an opportunity to create a tribute to the Labrador Retrievers in your life.

labrador retriever artwork

Lady Sargent, also a John Singer Sargent portrait, is the perfect companion to the Mister.

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