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16×20″ Cat Oil Painting, “Young Bridgerton Cat”, Unframed


For fans of Bridgerton….. and also cats.

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Queen Charlotte has a back story- both the real one, and the Bridgerton character. But you can create your own story about the subject of this painting. Perhaps she is your cat's ancestor.

Before I painted this portrait of Queen Charlotte in her younger years, I painted one of her with a magnificent wig. It may still be in my shop…. I loved the look of a kitty in that wig. But young Queen Charlotte doesn’t need a wig; her own hair is rather magnificent.

The 16×20″ painting comes unframed, but a wide, ornate frame would be a great choice for it if you decide to frame it.

I used a painting of the real Queen Charlotte as the basis for my painting. I just love the soft colors of it.

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