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16×20″ Cat Oil Painting, Sandro Botticelli Art Style, “Birth of Venus Cat” Unframed


A Renaissance Classic

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Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli created a painting in the 148os called The Birth of Venus. It depicts the goddess Venus when she arrived at the shore after her birth. The painting survived the centuries, and is known world wide today. It’s a symbol of earthly and divine love. And my painting, called The Birth of Venus Cat, is a symbol of the love cat people have for their kitties.

I love recrafting recognizable works of art into versions animal-lovers can enjoy. They pay homage to the magnificent art the masters before our time painted, and at the same time, add a delightful dose of whimsy. 

My licensing company requested this piece, and they have it in their collection of my work. So it’s possible you’ll see reproductions of it out in the world. But there’s just one original painting, and this is it!

The 16×20″ painting comes unframed.

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